Reasons why you should wear a denim jumpsuit from now until summer


Trendy Women's Denim Jumpsuits

Dresses are one of the easiest options when you’re choosing what to wear each day, right? It’s a ready-to-go outfit. Yes, you need a purse and shoes, if you’re leaving the house… But let's face it - the likelihood of that is pretty low. But you know what is even more straight-forward than a dress? A jumpsuit. And make it denim. A denim jumpsuit is hands-down the essential item you’ve been looking for to solve your working from home woes and will wear all season long. Pinky promise. But how come a denim jumpsuit is such an essential? Let us count the ways. Obviously you don’t need to dedicate any brain space to picking out a matching top and bottom so that’s a big plus. Then the comfort factor of a jumpsuit makes it an ideal choice when you are wandering from kitchen table / desk to kettle then curling up on the sofa. Plus the denim element is the finishing touch. Denim has a magical power in its workwear origins. It never looks like it’s trying too hard (fashion anathema) and brings eternal cool to any outfit.

When you’re working from home it might be fun to dress up in sequins for an occasional Friday night cocktail session over zoom, but essentially comfort is key. Although if you get too comfortable (yes, that means tracksuits) you can fall into a black hole and lose your fashion mojo. Enter the denim jumpsuit as a baby step to get your style back on track.

Any one of the denim jumpsuits in our store will turn your everyday outfits into a verified lewk! Take a look!

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